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Hikvision PanoVu - Huge Panoramas, Incredible Zoom

When designing surveillance applications, the complexities of monitoring large areas such as public plazas, arenas, airports and busy traffic intersections, have demanded even greater requirements of modern surveillance systems. In very large settings, security personnel need to see more with just one camera – not just a panoramic image, but with zoomed-in, detailed views as well.

With that in mind, Hikvision designed the PanoVu Series all-in-one camera, to capture both excellent wide angles and close-up details. Panoramic images are captured with four or eight 2-Megapixel sensors, rendering 180° or 360° panoramic imaging with real-time ultra-HD resolution. Finer details can be captured simultaneously by a PTZ camera. The integrated design and high-speed pan-tilt-zoom action grants the user swift positioning over expansive areas with the power to bring sharp details into focus.

With an “all-in-one” design, Hikvisions PanoVu series of cameras serve as a system within itself, without the need of an additional server. You can enjoy simple, time-saving installations and maintenance. All you need is a single cable and a power supply. 

With advanced video analysis and multiple target tracking algorithms, PanoVu Cameras also feature a wide range of Smart functions for multiple targets within the panoramic view, including intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and region entrance and exiting detection. The cameras can also send alarm signals linked to the PTZ for tracking, greatly improving security efficiency.

Hikvision PanoVu Cameras

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