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Counterfeit & Grey Market CCTV


Recently there has been a huge increase in the amount of counterfeit and grey market cameras and recorders, particularly with products made by Dahua and Hikvision. Many counterfeit products look and feel exactly like the original, imitating the same casing, but with inferior electronics and performance once turned on and tested. 

Grey market goods are those which are sold outside the manufacturer's approved distribution channels, with some products being used, recycled or not approved for Australian conditions. Purchasing such products can result in product warranties not being honoured by the manufacturer. Because of this we recommend that you only buy through authorised channels. 

If you see a deal that is too good to be true, consider that it could be a grey import or counterfeit. 

Official statement from Hikvision: "We hereby warn potential customers against purchasing these “black market” or “grey market” products from unauthorised channels.
Unauthorised channels are selling counterfeit, used, modified or damaged products. Many of the products sold by unauthorised channels have been altered in various ways, meaning that they are unsuitable for Australian conditions and may be non-compliant with Australian Standards. Also, because these products are no longer in original factory condition, Hikvision warranty is void, per company policy."

Spy Monkey Surveillance is proud to have formed partnerships only with authorised Australian distributors. We will never compromise on quality to sell cheap cameras to our customers. All our products are original, Australian stock and backed by full manufacturer warranties. Our products are also warehoused in Australia allowing us to offer fast shipping times.

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